Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teens Dropping the FBomb

But praise be, these are not the foul mouthed youths of legend but the estute Julie Zeilinger from new teen feminist blog The FBomb.

I couldn't be more excited to see the younger women on the scale getting more involved in building their feminist language, and I couldn't urge you to go have a look and encourage your youthful sisters, nieces, whatevers to get involved and submit some of their thoughts (as well as The F-Word and Subtext of course!)

I think a lot of young women develop their ideas alone, I know I did, reacting to my surroundings, my emotions and deciding thing's were not OK and I wouldn't stand for it. So in my opinion this site could help lots of young women find a platform to mix on an international level, broadening their thought process and their feel for feminism as a movement that should benefit all women no matter the class, colour or religion.

What do you think?


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