Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some bits and pieces from The Femilist

The Femilist is my other site, trying to keep abreast of events and information that feminists might like.

Event: Stop Porn Culture Training: London 13.06.09
This is a brand new and updated training course focusing on young people and pornified culture – which gives a grounding in feminist theory and pornography as a form of violence against women.

The Speaker’s Conference on Parliamentary Representation of Women, Disabled People, People from Ethnic Minorities and LGBT Communities
The Speaker’s Conference invites comments on these issues, and if you are a member of one of these under-represented groups, it would especially like to hear from you.

Event: Public Rally in Parliament on Equal Pay 08/06/09
Fawcett and Unison are organising a public rally in Parliament to urge the Government to strengthen equal pay law reforms.

Scottish Transgender Alliance and Gender Spectrum UK Survey on Equality Bill Priority Issues
The Scottish Transgender Alliance and Gender Spectrum UK both recognise there are many sections of the Equality Bill that we wish were better in how they address transphobic discrimination and harassment.


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