Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catch Up

OK. Things have been a little fast and loose this week and we've had nothing up on the blog, so let me point you in the direction of some interesting reading.

Over at Obesity Timebomb Charlotte Cooper (that would be, the other Charlotte Cooper) writes some great fat politics stuff and things quite as outrageous and fun as her review of the launch of Beth Ditto's new line: Beth Ditto for Evans Launch aka I taught Kate Moss how to do Donut Hands

In the weeks of eye watering boredom they call Wimbledon Louise France takes the time to point out that the camera men are more interested in the bouncing of buxom anatomies than of tennis balls: Boys, let's focus on the balls, not the belles

Feminist Webs, who featured on the back pages of Issue 7 Subtext, have announced the next stages in their work funded by a Rosa grant. They will be looking for contribution Tuesday 6th July in Manchester: Contribute: Feminist Webs Launch Meeting and Upcoming Events

Continuing the effects of Ada Lovelace Day, women and men are being invited to take some time out for tech and the roles women and have played in it at Bletchley Park, the seriously interesting and underfunded jewel in the computing crown of Great Britain. More over at The F-Word: Women of Bletchley Park

Kira Cochrane, women's editor at the Guardian questions those Tampax ad's: Can more men be persuaded to buy Tampax?


A new book, Fat Studies in the UK, edited by Corinna Tomrley and Ann Kaloski Naylor is released this month at a reasonable £15. The book, a series of essays inspired by the British UK Fat Studies seminar held in York in May 2008, will be helping to bring the importance of fat politics back to feminism and the wide world: Advance Notice
of our exciting new book Fat Studies in the UK


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