Saturday, June 27, 2009

Once More With Feeling

I made the best of my Saturday by popping over to the Tate Modern in London to see some of the performances for Once More With Feeling. Unfortunately we couldn't get tickets to the evening events (if anyone did, do let us know!) but we did catch two of the daytime events, the 7000 year old woman performed by Lucy Thane and Tea for Thought, Davina Drummond and Nadine Jarvis's participatory rosettes of feminist meaning.

The rosettes were a great opportunity to get down a few words which define your relationship with feminism, what it means to you and what not. There were a huge range of answers 30 minutes into a 2 hour affair so I can only imagine the scope of the project! There's a lot of back and forth about what feminism is, who owns it, what's "real" and what's not allowed and on and on, and to a certain extent finding the words to describe it is important. However I'm intensely interested in what it is to people, how they define their needs and how that plays into feminism, this seems like a project that will start to pry into that (probably not as deeply as Catherine and Kristin though)

The full set will be available online some time, do look out for them on Davina and Nadine's websites.


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Anonymous said...

Awh thanks for the link Charlotte, you are so kind!

Thanks for the info about the event, it sounds like an interesting one.

Catherine R