Thursday, September 24, 2009

Read All About It: Sensationalism Sucks

Someone thought it appropriate to send this link to one of my feminist associates email addresses

The number of women guilty of domestic violence has risen sharply and has been blamed on the agression fuelled “ladette” culture.

I'm reading a book called Women who kill by Ann Jones, it points to increases in female participation in DV or intimate violence when they have the least options, that is when we are most abandoned by the system, when male violence against women increases, when we have no option.

I would also add that by choosing to hook the story with females being violent, despite the fact that males still commit the most violent crimes distasteful and by far the reason women's issues are maligned, why we're told we're asking for it and so on and so on.


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Dandelion said...

I would just like to express my concern that part of the reason why domestic violence by women appears to have risen is because of recent biased police practices where, in a domestic violence situation, there is increasingly a worrying preference for arresting the woman, when she is in fact the victim, and taking no action against the male perpetrator. The skew that this causes in the statistics is thus evidence of police malpractice rather than any actual increase in female violence. This double, and state-sanctioned victimisation of women should be a cause for great concern.