Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Working Mums, what of Dad's?

Allow me to doubt this reporting in the Times, Working mums have the unhealthiest children, research finds

How can you talk about 'a possible link between parental working habits and child health' without mentioning fathers?

I couldn't find the original study, but I think this may be the Times' emphasis as quotes lifted from the study mention the existence of more than one parent. (obviously, assuming that this is a sample of heterosexual parents, but again, no info)

I think that without really addressing the socioeconomic backgrounds of the mothers this article mentions we get the creation of a real get back in the kitchen feel to something which may actually address the pressures exerted on women to go into badly paid, awkward part time work to meet policy needs.



Laura Manicom said...

I heard about this on the radio yesterday. It's being added to my ongoing list of news pieces which are in some way suggesting the nuclear family is the best which I use with my AS sociology class :)

Charlotte said...

It's the backlash!

Just reading, Women Who Kill by Ann Jacobs so I'm watching the skewed crime figures too.