Monday, February 16, 2009

Voice your opinions, Fawcett want your words.

Fawcett are going survey crazy so here are three lovely ways to lend your voice to their work.

Views on Business Use of the Sex Industry

Pin Up calenders, business meetings moving to lap dancing clubs, nudey screen savers are not as inclusive or as jovial as some might think - but what do you think? Follow the link to Fawcett

Experiences Selling Lads Mags

Do you or anyone you know work in a shop that sells ‘lads mags’ or other pornographic magazines? Would you prefer it if these publications weren’t displayed or on full view in your workplace? If so, please get in touch. Fawcett is conducting some research on this issue and would like to hear your views. Your details will be kept strictly confidential. Please email or phone Kat Banyard:; 020 7253 2598

Experience of Sexual Harassment or Violence in School or College

I'm not sure if this is strictly Fawcett, but Kat Banyard is from Fawcett and needs your experiences

Sexual harassment can come in many forms, including unwelcome sexual propositions, sexually explicit comments or gestures, being shown pornography, unwanted touching, or sexual assault.

If this has ever happened to you (past or present) and you would be interested in sharing your experiences as part of this research, I would be very grateful if you could get in contact with me. All information you share will be kept strictly anonymous.

Contact Kat,

Feel free to make your comments known here as well!


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