Monday, February 9, 2009

Zine Review: Pamflet IX

October 2008
Edited by Anna-Marie Fitzgerald and Phoebe Frangoul
The Pamflet crew @ the Women's Library Zinefest 09 (lifted from Pamflet's blog)

It is no secret that I totally love zines – and surprise zines are even better. Imagine then, my delight at receiving issue number 9 of Pamflet in my PO BOX!

Pamflet XI is a A5 zine, with a powder pink cover, put together by the hilarious Anna-Marie and Phoebe. This issue is dedicated to girl gangs (yay!) and features:
  • MMORPG girls “Quake is well know form its hyper macho imagery of big guns, small heads and smack talk”
  • why modern drag queens are disappointing “placid, tame and un-rebellious”
  • why dandys suck
  • Grazia gripes & isms, including “their stoic dedication to the epic crapness which is gossip girl”
  • American apparel sexism
  • my favourite feminists
  • beth ditto love
  • reviews (inc kamikaze girls – “makes you wanna join a girl gang”)
  • the mitfords “the glorious girls are fascinating and repulsive in equal measure”
  • jarvis cocker
  • a short story about stand up and more besides.

The writing is funny, engaging and enthusiastic. There are lists (always super) photos of Pamflet shenanigans and brilliant original illustrations.

Need any more convincing? Vogue describes it as “Hogarthian (Ed. - eh?*) graphics and modern feminism.”

Pamflet have a blog and a myspace Visit them to find out more.

* apparently Hogarth was an English artist noted for a series of engravings that satirized the affectations of his time. Well, then I agree.

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