Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breast of Both Worlds?

When the first story based around the bare breasted backlash in France I grimaced at the fact the once again feminist thought and action are being only reported if they’re based entirely around our female forms - do we want to wear high heels? is it ok to get plastic surgery? is it feminist to sunbathe topless? Of course, the Guardian subsequently published stories, for and against the next day and launched an online flip book of iconic sunbathing images and an audio file.

By the end of that long week I had shrugged off my concerns with this topic when a story appeared on the BBC, and then not far behind it was covered on Women's Hour.

So, seeing as the breast story monster is chasing me I just want to mention some problematic factors with discussing baring breasts as ownership of your sexuality when breasts are sold as sexuality by every media outlet, every advertiser, every film pornographic or not. And when you start talking about tits being political where do we put breast feeding into the equation? The bare breast in the infants mouth for some reason sends the nut jobs all the more nuttier and they express repulsion and feel intent on shaming women who are doing something natural.


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