Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Live debate: when did feminism lose the plot?

Point A. When you posit a question like 'when did feminism lose the plot?' what you're saying it 'feminism has lost the plot' but you should be saying is 'when did the mainstream media co-opt feminism as a buzz word for anything with tits?"

The Alpha Mummy blog are holding a live chat to debate "When did Feminism lose the plot" If you can remove your head from the desk for just one second I hope you'll head over there to represent the good feminist word. We don't just congregate with Object. We're everywhere, thinking feminist thoughts, changing our lives and the lives of others in lovely good ways.

Considering at least one of the comments on the companion piece by Janice Turner there could be some of the patriarchy crying about how equality for women will ruin their shiny world.

Wednesday (today!) 1pm at the Times Website.

Off you go then...


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