Saturday, August 8, 2009

Harriet Harm Done

Ain't linguistics a bitch?

Had the Daily Mail not carved up one statement from Harriet Harman this week I feel that many peoples shackles would not be up. They'd be on team, we'd all be on team calling out the bullshit misogyny and derailing of her work that is happening so crazy blatantly.

Yes by forcibly making your readers/listeners/watchers believes a handful of words meant Harriet hated men, didn't trust them, thought them two dimensional sexist stereotypes, you can entirely overlook the fact that men can't be left to run everything alone, not because they're inept, though I'm sure some are, but because looking passed gender privilege does not come naturally.

In one week Harriet has shown what could be done if parliament thought it important, if men felt more ready to champion causes that don't directly effect their everyday thoughts and so on and so forth.

This has been covered fabulously and not all over the interweb and news things, roll around in it, have some fun.


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