Friday, June 5, 2009

Boris Keep Your Promise - Save London's Last Rape Crisis Centre Launch Night

The joys of being back in London mean I'm getting the opportunity to pop about the city seeing what's going on; last night it was the launch of the North London Fawcett pressure group to make sure Boris keeps his promise to increase rape crisis services for the 3.9 million women of the city.

The event was held in an art space in Bethnal Green and featured comedy, music acts and cabaret. I was a bit worried that there was too much Boris hate and not enough constructive information and action taking place but that was evened out when Matty, the organiser, and a spokesperson from Croyden Rape Crisis centre, the last Rape Crisis centre in the city, took to the stage.

It's alright to draw attention to a problem, but if your audience aren't going away knowing the systematic lack of services for women is due to the fact that government is always over represented by men and sees issues concerning women as fringe issues then what can you achieve?

Get involved with Boris Keep Your Promise, but also be aware of your local situation, be proactive and support your local rape crisis services in any way you can.

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