Thursday, June 18, 2009

Persephone, 10 this year!


is a rather good publishing house which reprints much neglected books by 20th century authors, a huge amount of which are written by women.

Not only are the books marvelously well chosen super reads, they are the most beautiful dove grey packages of joy with delicious linings. I'm in love, I truely am. And have been for about 2 years and I would readily recommend everyone making use of their fabulous birthday deal of buy two get one free!

Not to worry if you can't make it to one of their London based shops as they have a highly efficient online shop and subscription package, see more here.

Incidentally, if you are in London they're celebrating in the Lambs Conduit shop until 9 tonight, I've already popped in for a chat and a glass of wine, they're an extremely welcoming bunch.

More pics from today



StuckInABook said...

Hello - I met you very briefly at this event, and am just blogging about it! I'm so pleased to see all the wonderful photographs you took (I'm the guy in yellow in them)

Charlotte said...

Thank You Simon!

Feel free to use any of them pictures if you want to.


catalpa said...

Hello Charlotte - we must have coincided at this event, as parts of me appear in a number of your lovely photographs. I'm a big fan of Persephone's output and it's great to see this recognised for their 10th birthday.