Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cervical Cancer Screening

The government yesterday announced its decision not to lower the screening age for cervical cancer to 20 in England (which it is elsewhere) as it would do "more harm than good". Yes, you did read that right. More harm to who exactly? More harm for the women involved or more harm to the government's pockets?


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Charlotte said...


The articles stated medical reasons for wanting to keep the start of cervical smears at 25

"Mistakes could easily be made, because smear tests are not so easily read in young women, which means that some could be treated for a cancer they did not have. Treatment can cause damage to the neck of the womb, leading to women giving birth prematurely."
from the Guardian

I don't turn 25 until July and I've had two smears which I booked myself. I think most Doctors would smear if you came with a query so maybe the onus should be on helping women better understand what might be illness or a problem and what might be normal.